Club Runs

Usual venue for club runs is the Regent Centre Metro station entrance, Gosforth, Newcastle on Tyne. The Club has runs every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Saturday Club run (meet 9am)

This is normally about 45-55 miles depending on weather conditions and the time of year. It is a good introduction for those new to cycling with a Club as well as being a steady ride for the more experienced where they will have a chance to help those new to bunch riding.. . Even inexperienced riders are able to go on this run as no one is left on their own at any time. There is always a coffee stop about two thirds the way round the ride so that new members can get to know everyone and get "re charged" for the ride home. It is also a good way of finding out about those hidden coffee shops that you can take your loved one to and surprise them! New members are encouraged to start with the Saturday morning ride unless experienced. This provides good experience in riding in a bunch and learning the disciplines involved.

Sunday Club Runs - meet 9.30am (Easier ride) & 9am(Training Ride)

The club meets as two groups which depart at different times. The first group is a training group which is lead by one of the more experienced racing members of the club. The ride is structured for those who wish to race in the coming season. Rides are of 70-80 mls at an average of 18/19mph with a stop midway before Christmas and a continuous ride after Christmas.

The second group is for those who do not intend to race or are not yet fit enough to go with the racing group. Rides with this group are approximately 50/70 mls at an average of about 16mph. A coffee stop is always incorporated and no one is left to their own devices to get home. This group is lead by Peter and is very similar to a Saturday ride. Members can switch between groups as they wish.


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