Confined Road Race 2012

Thursday, 26th July, 2012
The club ran it's confined Road Race on Wednesday 25th July having been rescheduled due to severe weather.
16 hardy souls lined up at 7pm to be put into handicap groups by the benevolant organiser, Peter. Of course those who said they were unfit or had never been out on a bike were immediately put back a group. The event started off with three groups split at 2 minute intervals and for the first half of the race it looked as though the front group may stay away.
However as the race progressed the scratch group started to ge themselves organised and by the start of the last lap most of the riders were together. Coming into the final sprint it was Nick Spencer who once again took the honours.
Winner Nick Spencer
2nd Rob Shields
3rd Ethan Delaney
4th Jon Bayley
5th Ian Mackie
6th Shane Dillon
7th Andy Woods
8th Chris Holliday
9th Simon Crisp
10th Daniel Hopps
11th Martin Anderson
12th Lindy Edwards
13th Graham Findlater
14th Graeme Dawson
15th Simon Jewers
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