Confined Road Race 2015

Thursday, 6th August, 2015
The race was held on the 5th August and 18 club members signed on for the event. The riders were split into two groups according to ability (and age) with the front group being given a 4 minute start on the second group. By the end of the 1st lap the gap was down to 2mins 30secs with both groups working well together.
By the end of the 2nd lap the gap was down to 1 minute with the catch being made on the 3rd lap.The race then splintered the last time up Saltwick Hill and a front group of 5 contested the sprint with Zeb coming out as a worthy winner by 2 lengths.

Winner Zeb Kyffin
2nd Jon Bayley
 3rd  Josh Reid
 4th  Charlie Bayley
 5th  Aren Tyer
 6th  Andrew Crisp
 7th  James Holt
 8th  Martin Heardman
 9th  Ashley Winterbottom
 10th  Graham Findlater
 11th  Andy Woods
 12th  Clive Rae
 13th  Graham Dawson
 14th  Charlie Loizon
 15th  Steve Kyffin
 16th  Will Tasker
 DNF  Kyle Afflick
 DNF  Craig Cushing

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